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In Search of Helpfulness

After sitting down and reading a few of the blogs I subscribed to today I thought, “Hey I want to write something useful too.” So I went in search of something useful. Traversing the search engine I used every November, goodsearch, I couldn’t come up with anything that hadn’t been done a million times over already. That’s when I realized that the simple act of using that search engine is helpful. Not necessarily to you but to a charity that you believe in. I use it for a charity called The Office of Letters and Light. Being a mom and a college student in a house where the only income is my husband’s I don’t have a lot of money to donate. I did my small part for this nonprofit organization but it wasn’t much in the grand scheme. That’s where goodsearch comes in.

Goodsearch is a search engine that donates a small amount to your charity or nonprofit of choice for each search you do. If you happen to do a lot of research for whatever reason it can be a great way to raise money. They also have a toolbar that you can install to search directly from the top of your browser. So far I have raised about $.50 but I just installed it yesterday so imagine how much you can earn eventually by doing what you would do anyway. The search engine is powered by Yahoo! so while its not the best around (Google) it is effective. If you have a charity or nonprofit you care about I definitely recommend checking it out. Check it out

On a different note have you ever noticed that unknown authors always seem to have the best ideas? This seems particularly true when the author is writing a nonfiction. That being said I found a great book that I would recommend to all writers that are interested in reading about first hand experiences with writing and publishing books. Before you skip over everything else I might add that this book is FREE. Its a kindle ebook but if you have a computer (or almost any web enhance electronic) you can download the kindle app and read it. The book I am talking about is called “Write Good or Die” edited by Scott Nicholson. I have gotten about three chapters in and so far it is a great read. One of the compiled authors is a bit overbearing but it doesn’t diminish the rest of the author’s chapters. You can find the book

I hope that has helped someone out in one way or another. I’m off for now. Good luck with your endeavors. Ciao!


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