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Olympics 2014 – Highlights (and headlights) to date

The Olympics are well underway four days in but the third day proved to be one of the most interesting so far starting with the wardrobe malfunction suffered by Russia’s Olga Graf. A look at her embarrassed grin is enough to make one feel sorry for her brief lapse of judgement. She reportedly forgot that she was completely nude under the skin tight suit. She told the Associated Press, “I totally forgot.” It isn’t hard to believe she forgot as she was busy celebrating the first speed skating medal for Russia and the suits are usually worn with something underneath. After nearly flashing the world her headlights she recovered quickly and celebrated her win with more than a shred of dignity left. Perhaps the world is having a little too much fun with this minor slip up, however, as many outfits intentionally worn to awards ceremonies reveal a lot more than that.

The US cross country skiing Olympian Noah Hoffman wasn’t immune from embarrassment though as he turned the usually mundane sport into a dangerous event. Hoffman did not have a very good day on the Olympic ski track. I wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t seen it with my own two eyes. He was skiing along just fine until he broke his pole. After the turn his coach got him a brand new pole and he immediately face planted around the next turn. As soon as he got back to his feet the poor guy took a shoulder TO THE FACE! If you watch closely the Italian intentionally threw his shoulder back into Hoffman’s face but in the end it didn’t matter. Left in the…powder the announcers said he lost 30+ seconds. After those three incidents no one from the US even finished in the top 10.

Third, and possibly most embarrassing for the US, were the vote-swapping allegations originated by a French newspaper L’Equipe. Some countries hopped on the bandwagon and joined in the accusations. The judges supposedly agreed to help keep Canadians off the podium in favor of Americans. Apparently the vote-swapping didn’t work as Canada took silver. Anyone who knows anything about figure skating knows of the controversy and poor judging habits in the past though so this rumor would come as no surprise to many.

While the Olympics are an amazing event in which talented athletes get to showcase their abilities it is also a time of embarrassment, mishaps and rumors. They are still human after all no matter how much they may seem like ancient Grecian Gods and Goddesses. 

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