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An Intro to my Brain!

Have you ever noticed that many blogs start out the same way or circle around the same aspect or rhetoric (someone’s opinion)? I hope you have because this one is going to be the same, yet pretty different. I want to tell you facts that I have discovered. Share with you events that are happening in and around my life. Most of all I want you to feel engaged and entertained as readers. That is really a difficult task to accomplish. If you have never written anything you should try it some time. As a matter of fact try it during NaNoWriMo.

NaNoWriMo is what gave me the inspiration to start this blog. I have done a few vlogs for it in the past but I have never blogged for NaNo. It is strange because NaNoWriMo (NaNo) is all about writing. If you have never heard of it basically it is where a bunch of people sign a contract (in their own minds) to write a novel consisting of at 50k words in one month. That month is traditionally November but it is possible to choose whatever month you want as long as it has just 30 days. Anyway, I might include a few vlogs here as well but I am mostly going to try to stick to blogging this time.

In the past I have started a few, unrelated, blogs for my own enjoyment. They have all gone the same way though. My memory fails me quite often despite the fact that I am only 23 and I don’t remember that my blogs need an update. Then when I remember too much time has passed to reasonably add another post to my blog. I am going to try to remember this time though. I know there is a firefox add on that will remind you of things. If I can remember what it is called I’ll install it so it will remind me to blog. If I can’t I’ll try my best to remember on my own.

Want to know a little about me before subscribing to this blog? My name is Mandy or in the NaNo forums I am known as starblack. I live in Oklahoma where I was born and raised. My parents were divorced when I was three and my step dad helped my mom raise me until we all had a falling out after I graduated from high school. Things were mended and broke again so I haven’t spoken to them since March. I met my husband in my freshman year in high school, we started dating senior year and got married a year after graduation. Four years later we had a wonderful son named Alex and now almost five years later we are still going strong. I love writing and reading. I enjoy photography and role playing. Dr. Who is my new obsession but I like a variety of TV shows so long as they are super depressing. My favorite holiday is Christmas because I love giving gifts and seeing the looks on people’s faces as they open them. I am a junior at a local university and I am majoring in English with a minor in creative writing. I HOPE to obtain a job in the writing career field after I graduate but its not looking promising.I am a christian but I don’t follow traditional christian beliefs. This usually puts me as an outcast of both religious and non religious people alike. My beliefs are my own though and no one else has to, or probably would want to, think the same way that I do. Basically my number 1 rule is that people should not judge others because God is the only perfect being.

So that’s about it for now I guess. I hope you will stick around and enjoy your stay.

Ciao! Bella Gente.

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