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Top 5 Pinterest Products

Ok you guys! I am totally letting eleventhgorgeous rub off on me in my greetings! If you don’t know who that is you should definitely check out their youtube channel because they are two beautiful and awesome sisters who just happen to be hilarious.Anyway, I decided it is time to start with the pinterest side of the blog. You can’t honestly say you didn’t know it was coming. There has been a link to the Pinterest section up for ages (since I started the blog) but it was empty up until now! I’m tired of sharing my opinion on my mundane life (yeah right) so I’m going to share my opinion on the top five products I’ve found on Pinterest that I love! I feel like I should be getting kickbacks for all these free promos but I’ll probably just get in trouble for using these names and brands freely. heh Anyway, top five Pinterest products here we go!

Number 1 – Sundial Wall Clock




This is possibly the coolest clock I’ve ever seen. No…wait…this is the coolest clock I’ve ever seen. It is only a concept right now and as far as I can tell has been in concept stage since 2011. This is truly unfortunate because this little clock is amazing. Imaging for a second that you are able to tap into daily news, stock market updates, your daily schedule and even your personal computer through your clock! A clock is designed to be able to tell us time and possibly the temperature but this concept clock would be able to do all the things you just imagine and more. I really wish it would vacate concept status and get out on the market already!

Number 2 – Trash Helper



Up next is a product that is actually mass produced on the market but I didn’t find it until someone pinned it. They are cheap and I will be buying one as soon as I can. These little garbage bag holders just seem ridiculously handy. I don’t know about you guys but the last thing I am wanting to do after taking the trash out is get out the box of bags, pull a never ending bag out, shake it out, shove it into the can and fit it over the top, then put the box back up if I haven’t forgotten about it by that point. This lets you just pull the full bag out, fold the new bag over and be done. It’s awesome. Take my word for it. 😉


Number 3 – V-Lock Key Guide



The V-lock key guide designed by Junjie Zhang is truly innovative. People have struggled with finding the keyhole in the dark for years but someone finally decided to do something about it. Took long enough. Unfortunately I can’t find where or if these are actually sold despite numerous searches but imagine never having to try to find a source of light or feel around for the whole while fumbling with keys. This would definitely be a lifesaver on frigid nights when, instead of having to stand outside fiddling with the door, you could just slide your key right in and get inside to the warmth. 


Number 4 – Pizza Scissors Spatula



Oh…my…God! Who hates rolling those dull little wheelie-ma-bobbers around on the top of a pizza just to drag the toppings along and not even cut through the crust? I know I hate it! I want one of these so bad. These pizza scissor spatulas not only already have the spatula attached to the cutting utensil so you don’t have to pull out a spatula and the pizza cutter but they also use scissors! This is ingenious. No more dragging along pizza toppings and wanting to throw the pizza in the air and shout “Mama Mia!” when you find out it hasn’t even cut through. hehe I could write a pretty mean commercial right? 😉 

Number 5 – Ipsy



This is a product you will be seeing a lot of in the coming months if you check back with my blog. I officially subscribed to this box because a) it is a fantastic deal and b) I decided that I want to pamper myself every once in a while. Once a month Ipsy sends out a little pink padded envelope with a makeup bag inside. Each month the bag is different. This last month I didn’t really like the bag but I LOVED the products a friend got in her bag which is why I signed up. So every month in the bag they send 4-5 different makeup products. You never really know what you are going to get but they base it off of a quiz you take as well as products you review on their site so whatever you get should be something you will like every time. I’m really excited to get my first bag in April and you can rest assured that I will be sharing it with you guys! 🙂 

Those are my top five pinterest finds. I didn’t link back to the pinterest links because I figured if you guys were interested in the product you would want to know where you could get it. I hope you like these products as much as I do and if you like this type of post let me know. I would love to find more awesome products for you guys to check out! Of course I’m pretty sure as of right now I’m the only one actually reading this but…you know…if you read it let me know. lol Bye!

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Olympics 2014 – Highlights (and headlights) to date

The Olympics are well underway four days in but the third day proved to be one of the most interesting so far starting with the wardrobe malfunction suffered by Russia’s Olga Graf. A look at her embarrassed grin is enough to make one feel sorry for her brief lapse of judgement. She reportedly forgot that she was completely nude under the skin tight suit. She told the Associated Press, “I totally forgot.” It isn’t hard to believe she forgot as she was busy celebrating the first speed skating medal for Russia and the suits are usually worn with something underneath. After nearly flashing the world her headlights she recovered quickly and celebrated her win with more than a shred of dignity left. Perhaps the world is having a little too much fun with this minor slip up, however, as many outfits intentionally worn to awards ceremonies reveal a lot more than that.

The US cross country skiing Olympian Noah Hoffman wasn’t immune from embarrassment though as he turned the usually mundane sport into a dangerous event. Hoffman did not have a very good day on the Olympic ski track. I wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t seen it with my own two eyes. He was skiing along just fine until he broke his pole. After the turn his coach got him a brand new pole and he immediately face planted around the next turn. As soon as he got back to his feet the poor guy took a shoulder TO THE FACE! If you watch closely the Italian intentionally threw his shoulder back into Hoffman’s face but in the end it didn’t matter. Left in the…powder the announcers said he lost 30+ seconds. After those three incidents no one from the US even finished in the top 10.

Third, and possibly most embarrassing for the US, were the vote-swapping allegations originated by a French newspaper L’Equipe. Some countries hopped on the bandwagon and joined in the accusations. The judges supposedly agreed to help keep Canadians off the podium in favor of Americans. Apparently the vote-swapping didn’t work as Canada took silver. Anyone who knows anything about figure skating knows of the controversy and poor judging habits in the past though so this rumor would come as no surprise to many.

While the Olympics are an amazing event in which talented athletes get to showcase their abilities it is also a time of embarrassment, mishaps and rumors. They are still human after all no matter how much they may seem like ancient Grecian Gods and Goddesses. 

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In Search of Helpfulness

After sitting down and reading a few of the blogs I subscribed to today I thought, “Hey I want to write something useful too.” So I went in search of something useful. Traversing the search engine I used every November, goodsearch, I couldn’t come up with anything that hadn’t been done a million times over already. That’s when I realized that the simple act of using that search engine is helpful. Not necessarily to you but to a charity that you believe in. I use it for a charity called The Office of Letters and Light. Being a mom and a college student in a house where the only income is my husband’s I don’t have a lot of money to donate. I did my small part for this nonprofit organization but it wasn’t much in the grand scheme. That’s where goodsearch comes in.

Goodsearch is a search engine that donates a small amount to your charity or nonprofit of choice for each search you do. If you happen to do a lot of research for whatever reason it can be a great way to raise money. They also have a toolbar that you can install to search directly from the top of your browser. So far I have raised about $.50 but I just installed it yesterday so imagine how much you can earn eventually by doing what you would do anyway. The search engine is powered by Yahoo! so while its not the best around (Google) it is effective. If you have a charity or nonprofit you care about I definitely recommend checking it out. Check it out

On a different note have you ever noticed that unknown authors always seem to have the best ideas? This seems particularly true when the author is writing a nonfiction. That being said I found a great book that I would recommend to all writers that are interested in reading about first hand experiences with writing and publishing books. Before you skip over everything else I might add that this book is FREE. Its a kindle ebook but if you have a computer (or almost any web enhance electronic) you can download the kindle app and read it. The book I am talking about is called “Write Good or Die” edited by Scott Nicholson. I have gotten about three chapters in and so far it is a great read. One of the compiled authors is a bit overbearing but it doesn’t diminish the rest of the author’s chapters. You can find the book

I hope that has helped someone out in one way or another. I’m off for now. Good luck with your endeavors. Ciao!


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An Intro to my Brain!

Have you ever noticed that many blogs start out the same way or circle around the same aspect or rhetoric (someone’s opinion)? I hope you have because this one is going to be the same, yet pretty different. I want to tell you facts that I have discovered. Share with you events that are happening in and around my life. Most of all I want you to feel engaged and entertained as readers. That is really a difficult task to accomplish. If you have never written anything you should try it some time. As a matter of fact try it during NaNoWriMo.

NaNoWriMo is what gave me the inspiration to start this blog. I have done a few vlogs for it in the past but I have never blogged for NaNo. It is strange because NaNoWriMo (NaNo) is all about writing. If you have never heard of it basically it is where a bunch of people sign a contract (in their own minds) to write a novel consisting of at 50k words in one month. That month is traditionally November but it is possible to choose whatever month you want as long as it has just 30 days. Anyway, I might include a few vlogs here as well but I am mostly going to try to stick to blogging this time.

In the past I have started a few, unrelated, blogs for my own enjoyment. They have all gone the same way though. My memory fails me quite often despite the fact that I am only 23 and I don’t remember that my blogs need an update. Then when I remember too much time has passed to reasonably add another post to my blog. I am going to try to remember this time though. I know there is a firefox add on that will remind you of things. If I can remember what it is called I’ll install it so it will remind me to blog. If I can’t I’ll try my best to remember on my own.

Want to know a little about me before subscribing to this blog? My name is Mandy or in the NaNo forums I am known as starblack. I live in Oklahoma where I was born and raised. My parents were divorced when I was three and my step dad helped my mom raise me until we all had a falling out after I graduated from high school. Things were mended and broke again so I haven’t spoken to them since March. I met my husband in my freshman year in high school, we started dating senior year and got married a year after graduation. Four years later we had a wonderful son named Alex and now almost five years later we are still going strong. I love writing and reading. I enjoy photography and role playing. Dr. Who is my new obsession but I like a variety of TV shows so long as they are super depressing. My favorite holiday is Christmas because I love giving gifts and seeing the looks on people’s faces as they open them. I am a junior at a local university and I am majoring in English with a minor in creative writing. I HOPE to obtain a job in the writing career field after I graduate but its not looking promising.I am a christian but I don’t follow traditional christian beliefs. This usually puts me as an outcast of both religious and non religious people alike. My beliefs are my own though and no one else has to, or probably would want to, think the same way that I do. Basically my number 1 rule is that people should not judge others because God is the only perfect being.

So that’s about it for now I guess. I hope you will stick around and enjoy your stay.

Ciao! Bella Gente.

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