Top 5 Pinterest Products

26 Mar

Ok you guys! I am totally letting eleventhgorgeous rub off on me in my greetings! If you don’t know who that is you should definitely check out their youtube channel because they are two beautiful and awesome sisters who just happen to be hilarious.Anyway, I decided it is time to start with the pinterest side of the blog. You can’t honestly say you didn’t know it was coming. There has been a link to the Pinterest section up for ages (since I started the blog) but it was empty up until now! I’m tired of sharing my opinion on my mundane life (yeah right) so I’m going to share my opinion on the top five products I’ve found on Pinterest that I love! I feel like I should be getting kickbacks for all these free promos but I’ll probably just get in trouble for using these names and brands freely. heh Anyway, top five Pinterest products here we go!

Number 1 – Sundial Wall Clock




This is possibly the coolest clock I’ve ever seen. No…wait…this is the coolest clock I’ve ever seen. It is only a concept right now and as far as I can tell has been in concept stage since 2011. This is truly unfortunate because this little clock is amazing. Imaging for a second that you are able to tap into daily news, stock market updates, your daily schedule and even your personal computer through your clock! A clock is designed to be able to tell us time and possibly the temperature but this concept clock would be able to do all the things you just imagine and more. I really wish it would vacate concept status and get out on the market already!

Number 2 – Trash Helper



Up next is a product that is actually mass produced on the market but I didn’t find it until someone pinned it. They are cheap and I will be buying one as soon as I can. These little garbage bag holders just seem ridiculously handy. I don’t know about you guys but the last thing I am wanting to do after taking the trash out is get out the box of bags, pull a never ending bag out, shake it out, shove it into the can and fit it over the top, then put the box back up if I haven’t forgotten about it by that point. This lets you just pull the full bag out, fold the new bag over and be done. It’s awesome. Take my word for it. 😉


Number 3 – V-Lock Key Guide



The V-lock key guide designed by Junjie Zhang is truly innovative. People have struggled with finding the keyhole in the dark for years but someone finally decided to do something about it. Took long enough. Unfortunately I can’t find where or if these are actually sold despite numerous searches but imagine never having to try to find a source of light or feel around for the whole while fumbling with keys. This would definitely be a lifesaver on frigid nights when, instead of having to stand outside fiddling with the door, you could just slide your key right in and get inside to the warmth. 


Number 4 – Pizza Scissors Spatula



Oh…my…God! Who hates rolling those dull little wheelie-ma-bobbers around on the top of a pizza just to drag the toppings along and not even cut through the crust? I know I hate it! I want one of these so bad. These pizza scissor spatulas not only already have the spatula attached to the cutting utensil so you don’t have to pull out a spatula and the pizza cutter but they also use scissors! This is ingenious. No more dragging along pizza toppings and wanting to throw the pizza in the air and shout “Mama Mia!” when you find out it hasn’t even cut through. hehe I could write a pretty mean commercial right? 😉 

Number 5 – Ipsy



This is a product you will be seeing a lot of in the coming months if you check back with my blog. I officially subscribed to this box because a) it is a fantastic deal and b) I decided that I want to pamper myself every once in a while. Once a month Ipsy sends out a little pink padded envelope with a makeup bag inside. Each month the bag is different. This last month I didn’t really like the bag but I LOVED the products a friend got in her bag which is why I signed up. So every month in the bag they send 4-5 different makeup products. You never really know what you are going to get but they base it off of a quiz you take as well as products you review on their site so whatever you get should be something you will like every time. I’m really excited to get my first bag in April and you can rest assured that I will be sharing it with you guys! 🙂 

Those are my top five pinterest finds. I didn’t link back to the pinterest links because I figured if you guys were interested in the product you would want to know where you could get it. I hope you like these products as much as I do and if you like this type of post let me know. I would love to find more awesome products for you guys to check out! Of course I’m pretty sure as of right now I’m the only one actually reading this but…you know…if you read it let me know. lol Bye!

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