Nov 1st ~ Word count and Braggarts

02 Nov

Originally my goal for day one was to top 5k words but I didn’t quite make that. By the time I went to bed at 12:30 I had managed to reach 4,021 at which point I started seeing everything through gauze. My eyes were so clouded over with the imminent threat of sleep. Perhaps the reason that I was so amped about the first day, unlike other years, was because I have my outline before me this year and I started out on the chapter I was most looking forward to writing. It happens to be chapter 8. I used to believe the number 8 was my luck number. Maybe this means something significant? Maybe a publication is on the horizon for this particular novel? Oh how I hope so.Then again it might mean that chapter 8 is the only one I will end up finishing and I will fail miserably as soon as I start back on chapter 1 today.

I have decided that I will write my novel while my son is sleeping and any other random stuff, like this blog, while he is playing. This will give me at least four hours a day where I am completely awake to write. Two hours where I’m barely hanging on if I stay up until midnight every night. Since I have discovered I can write 100 words every two minutes on a good idea that means about 6000 words an hour if I write all the way through. If I were to write all the way through for the whole four hours I would have 24k words in one day. Ok, that’s not going to happen in a million years but wouldn’t it be awesome?

That being said what is with these people who are already posting 50k word shout outs in the forums? Its not inspiring but is a little demeaning. Its like they are bragging that they have a whole day with nothing to do but write. We get it and good for you but unfortunately the rest of us mere mortals have lives to take care of. It is aggravating to me to see people, posting everywhere, talking about their 50k words wordcount on day one. Honestly it is truly bragging when you go through the other shout out threads saying “Oh yeah! I hit 50k today! Woohoo!” I mean really? The rest of us who are just now posting in the 4k word threads don’t want to see that as soon as we open the thread. I for one feel like I might as well just give up when I see these posts. Please, for the sake of everyone else’s novels, only post this info in the appropriate threads. I’m begging you all here now to keep demeaning what the rest of us are doing.

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